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Why Hohhot It was a Brilliant idea.


Published: June 18th 2017

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BACKDATED. Posted 29th Jan 2017.Why Hohhot?
On our pre trip we flew threw Guangzhou and a plane full of people where traveling to Hohhot. We looked at each other and said, &“We have to go there. Hohhot.&” We had no idea where in China it was, but why not.
Four and a half years later we had to opportunity to finally go. April wasn&’t the best time of the year to travel there but on the other hand there would not be many tourists.
Flight was delayed and we arrived at 9pm. We were collected by our guide and ate Hohhot Hotpot with lots of lamb. It was a Friday night and it was very quiet at 10:30pm.
I asked why?
He replied, &“Its cold and the Mongol people wake up early so everyone is home early and asleep.&” I think we had him out past his bed time.
The follow morning we waked around the Hotel which was in the middle of Muslim District. It felt like we weren&’t even in China.
9:30am we were on our way to the Xilamuren Grasslands. We drove threw the Muslim area and then the Mongol Area. The building stopped and the mountain called Green Mountain started but

they were very dry with very few trees. After the mountains the flat grasslands started.
We arrived at the Yurt accommodation. It felt like a Mongol trailer park. Around 200 Yurts. The sky was so blue, even with fluffy white clouds. The sun was shinning and looked perfect until we opened the car door and the freezing cold wind rushed into the car. We looked at each other and said, &“We need more clothes.&” I put on everything I had except my PJ&’s. Luca decided to stay in his shorts?
We jumped into a cart and the further away we went from the Yurts and into the open plains the windier it became. The wind was blowing from the North. Freezing. My hands froze. My face was completely covered. Scarf over my mouth and nose. Hat and Sunglasses.
The landscape was amazing. At this time of the year the grass was very dry and the river had almost no water.
Sheep were scatted over the landscape. It really was wonderful. Our guide said it was the first time he had been there with no other tourists around.
Luca walked up the hill but I was happy to sit with our guide on an old

Xilamuren GrasslandsXilamuren GrasslandsXilamuren Grasslands

The sky was so blue.

Yurt foundation out of the wind.
There was an old yurt still standing and I asked what it was. He said, &“There was an old man living there last winter. He left and nobody knows where he is.&” There was no power, water, heating. It would have been a very hard place to live.
The ride took about one and a half hours and by the end of the ride I wished I had put on my PJ&’s and Luca was regretting the shorts idea.
We ate BBQ lamb ribs, watched Mongol wrestling and even a fast horse race. The galloping horses was amazing. The ground shook.
We checked into our yurt. It was freezing. It was actually warmer outside…. but only in the sun.
Dinner started at 6:30pm and the sun began to set at the same time. I would put on my coat, scarf, hat, gloves and race outside take a photograph of the sunset and then run back inside get undressed eat a few mouth fulls then get dressed again and go outside to take more photos. All to get a good photo of the sunset and not freeze.
Meanwhile, Luca had made friends with a chinese man and they

Xilamuren GrasslandsXilamuren GrasslandsXilamuren Grasslands

The sunrise was so much more spectacular then the sunset.

started drinking Bijou.
Outside there was pile of wood that slowly became bigger and bigger. The fire was lit. Instant Mongol Party. The loud techno music was pumping threw the speakers. Everyone was gathered around the warm fire. Drinking. Laughing. Dancing. No-one spoke English but we had a fantastic night.
9pm. All of a sudden everyone disappeared. It was very odd. They just disappeared.
Maybe the guide was right. When the clock strikes 9pm, everyone goes to bed.
Fun trip.
Hohhot. Inner Mongolia. CHINA.


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