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Walk Around the Lake


Published: June 17th 2017

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01 Ducklings01 Ducklings01 Ducklings

Egyptian Geese and their ducklings.

Geo: -26.062, 27.9985

Yesterday afternoon Paul and I picked up his friend Jen, who had just landed at the airport from Ireland. She is staying with us for about a week. Last night the three of us went to Linden&’s house and went out to a local pub called the Jolly Roger.

After breakfast Paul, Lindin, Jen and I went for a drive. We ended up at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg. The area is next to the zoo. Visitors can’t fish or swim in the lake as the water is polluted by the zoo&’s water running into the lake! This park just does not compare at all to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens! We could see and hear the noisy traffic as we walked around. There was little scattered about and we didn&’t stay here for too long. Although I did enjoy watching the little ducklings swim with their parents.


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