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Visit to Nurenburg City and our 22nd wedding anniversary


Published: June 17th 2017

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Kisbee raring to go as usual and to brave the wide and quite busy roads into Nurenburg centre. Only about 5km but our route crossed a couple of ring roads so not for the faint hearted.

Bob had fitted Tomtom to his specially devised holder on Kisbee’s handlebars and set it to take us directly to the Kaiser Palace at the top of the old city. Got most of the way there until as we crossed a bridge over the river I pointed out a sign which said cyclists only, no cars or motorbikes.

We parked where we were instead, near the Lorenze Sqaure and church. We discovered later we had chosen our parking spot well. The world and his motorbike and scooter was also parked there at 4pm.

We visited the church and admired the rather superb decorations. From the square we walked on and over the bridge to the Market Place, the main square of the city. This was filled with a lovely fresh fruit and vegetable market, all covered with red and white striped awnings. Other things for sale too. Iced gingerbread which is a speciality of the town. Had a taster but

didn’t buy any.

Having problems with my photos as the bright sun, most unobligingly kept appearing in front of me rather than behind and thus dimming down the lovely blue sky. Had to retake those when we passed through the market square again later.

Main feature of the next part of the visit, as we climbed up to the Kaiser Palace, were the guided tours. Lots (and lots) of them. Risked being run over by cyclists as we stepped off the pavements to get away from them.

As we don’t ‘do’ guided tours we find them a bit of a pain but each to his own and to be fair the Chinese and Japanese really do need a guide as the European languages are a problem to them.

We managed to negotiate our way past them all and made our way to the Palace. First stop the gardens which were rather charming and provided the perfect background for a 22nd wedding anniversary photo for Bob and I once I had found a friendly Australian couple to take it for us.

Then we visited the palace proper which fortunately had a bit more

English explanatory text than we have become accustomed too. Still didn’t quite understand it all but got the general gist of the place and the display.

After that a wander through the streets. The city and many of the important buildings were very badly damaged in the war but have since been rebuilt and restored. There seemed though, still to be quite a lot of restoration / building work taking place throughout the city. I notice as I take so many photos and am not over-keen on cranes or hoardings or scaffolding on my photos.

We decided we would have anniversary lunch rather than dinner and found a super place just below the Rathaus which served local food. Bob had roast pork shoulder with potato dumpling which appears to be a local speciality. He pronounced it delicious. I had white asparagus with hollandaise and roasted salmon. Also delicious. Being too full after that for desert we deferred that and had ice-creams later.

We had had a little difficulty finding a restaurant which served meals and not just drinks and fast food but I’d asked a couple of young men who were speaking Englsih together

and they sent me in the right direction. This city has an obviously young population, in addition to the tourists and far more English is spoken than we have found so far on the trip..

Now pretty well walked out we completed our tour of this very pleasant city with a walk along the river then a visit to the rather Disneylike Konig’s Gate in the south city wall before collecting Kisbee and returning to the campsite.

Still full at dinner time so we just had cake. Some very, very nice cake I had spotted in the city and had been unable to resist.

Tomorrow we leave this very pleasant campsite where the birds are singing their little heads off all round us, and move further south, still in Germany but quite close to Salzburg in Austria,


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