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The start of New Beginnings.


Published: June 17th 2017

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Nanjing Train Station and just back from Shanghai. Its just and hour and a half fast train away to a more modern and western piece of China and sanity.

It’s official.

We have a home in Verona. Well a three bedroom apartment on the 5th floor with a huge roof top and a view.

After 6 years in China it will great to be back in Europe and especially in Verona, Italy where I can understand what people are saying to me and reply. Not to forget the amazing food, wine and fresh air and the sun.

China has been a rollercoaster for me. Starting in a very interesting but strange place. The language is very difficult. I thought I would pick it up easily …. so I thought. I already know 2 languages so surely I would pick up Chinese…… Wow. I was very wrong. Its all just a load of noise and sounds to me. One word could mean 5 different things depending on which tone it has. So in a sentence with maybe 10 words you could actually be saying a wide variety of different things. Very interesting.

Now the fun begins.

Sorting though all of our stuff and starting to pack up the house. My husband has already left to start work.

Im here with my teenage daughter. She is


My most favourite place in Nanjing. It over looks the Yangtze River and the Amazing Communist Bridge Number 1. Since this photo was taken a series of high rise building have popped up and the view is completely different in a matter of 3 years. Nothing stays the same in China.

dealing with all of her emotions and leaving her home for the past 6 years. I am ready for the move and can’t wait to get everything packed and get my butt on the flight.



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