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Tanzania Ngorongoro Crater


Published: June 18th 2017

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Geo: -6.36903, 34.8888

1st February
Down into the crater.
It was a winding road on the way down.
Buffalo are huge and probably my favorite animal. They have a huge head and their faces are cute with huge horns. We saw two of then fighting and the hollow thud of their heads crashing was very loud. Most of the time they just stared at us and chewed like a cow.
More lions. This time they where just laying about in the sun. They had their legs up in the air scratching their backs on the ground.
They really seemed just like an ordinary house cat stretching in the sun.
They are amazing. “I love their bottoms,” I said.
“That is funny,” our driver replied, “because the back side of the zebra is supposed to be like the African woman’s bottom.”
We all laughed.
As a heard the zebra’s stripes really do make it very hard to see where one starts and the another one finishes. I particularly like the way they stand. Side by side but facing in different directions to keep an eye out for predators.
Very clever.
That night we stayed in

the Tarangire National Park.
There where single little houses overlooking a river.
We where told to ring the reception when we wanted to go to dinner so we could be escorted with a member of staff with a rifle.
There had been sightings of lion in the area.
Not a problem.


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