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Shopping HEAVEN….


Published: June 18th 2017

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Shopping HeavenShopping HeavenShopping Heaven

Boots, Bag and 10 pairs of sox

Geo: 32.0404, 118.785

It’s Monday again. Kids are at school….
Caught the Metro (train) for the first time all by myself….

WARNING… The only time that Chinese move quickly is when they are trying to get a seat on the Metro. It doesn’t’ matter if you are man, woman, child, old or very old. Boy can they run.

Jumped on Xuezelu Station. There was a 1 minute wait…. Not bad. Take note Australian trains.
The train forgot to stop… No probs another arrives in 4 minutes.
Go 11 stops. Get off at Xinjiekou station.
Jump onto line 1 and go 2 more stops down to Sanshan Station.
Go out exit 4…. OHHH… Where am I.
I walked one way…. Then walked back the other…. This looks familiar…. Yes.. I’m not lost.

I have been there a number of times but always on the weekend. There was hardly anyone there.
The prices advertised where cheaper…. I bought lightweight short sport sock for 30 cents each.


Thank you Rujira for a fantastic day of shopping and eating.


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