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Published: June 18th 2017

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gian-serena on the fast traingian-serena on the fast traingian-serena on the fast train

It took 1 and a half hours to get to Shanghai

Geo: 31.23, 121.47

The one thing we had to do in Shanghai was to visit the Italian Consulate to get the kids European Passports. Then some shopping and of course some sight seeing.

The fast train took 1 and a half hours to get to Shanghai. It would have taken 3 and a half if we drove.
So Bright and early we went to the Italian Consulate… It really was like being back in Italy.
Everyone was dressed very, very well. Hair perfect, nails and make up the same and the smell of Coffee in the air…. AHHH Italy.
Ok…. out came all of Gian’s paperwork. Originals, translations of originals, photocopies and authenticated photocopies he has them all in a folder.
She asked us, “Do you have a copy of the birth certificates?” Matthew was born in Italy so we had that in the original (Italian) and the translated (English) and Serena was born in Australia but wait we haven’t had that translated into Italian? OH… is that going to be a problem?

No all good. One in Italian and the other in English.

Two photos for the passport. Sign here parents at the bottom the form. Serena didn’t need to sign she’s too young. Matthew

Matt and me on the fast trainMatt and me on the fast trainMatt and me on the fast train

It took 1 and a half hours to get to Shanghai

on the other hand….. “Sign you name and we need to finger print you.”

All new European Passports now have finger prints too. That’s good to know.
So now the European’s now have Matthew’s finger prints on record. Is that a good thing?
All done. Pay the lady and it all should be complete and ready to collect in one Month.
Great I thought. A day visit to Shanghai and a little more shopping in about a month.

Now let’s go shopping.
Under the Science and Technology Museum on the Pudong side of Shanghai there is a huge underground shopping mall.
Now I mean HUGE. We ended up getting lost and we found ourselves going around and around in circles. We bought Jeans, soccer tops, sunglasses, shoes.
There where watches, DVDs, bags, table clothes, electronics, shirts, trousers, sox and jox…….
almost everything.
We where so tired after walking around for about 6 hours that we decided to go and have dinner.


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