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Salinas Puerto Rico


Published: June 17th 2017

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Geo: 17.9826, -66.295

Reunited with Simunye in Salinas!!!!

And, glad we made it to this wonderfully sheltered harbour because the wind has been blowing& dogs off chains since we arrived. & It’s been so windy that everyone in this harbour has stayed put for the past three weeks. Several boats tried to sail east, towards the Virgins, but have ended up coming back to Salinas. The wind is just too strong and therefore the waves are just too big to pound into. (A few boats have gone west, towards the DR and have had wonderful runs downwind.)

So here we are….meeting the locals and having a blast. & (Yeah, so check out the “south beach” style birthday party we attended. Everyone is so friendly here…who woulda thought we’d end up on the guest list?)& 


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