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Published: June 23rd 2017

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Well it is January 12, 2017 and the holidays are behind us.  So I guess it is time  to begin to prepare in earnest for our next trip.  We will be going on a 33 day cruise (yes 33 days) in South America ending back in Fort Lauderdale, with 2 days in Santiago prior to the cruise.
The planning for this trip began in December of 2015 when a dear friend from South Carolina told me we were out of excuses about taking a trip with them.  Dave is now retired and it is a year away, so we looked at the cruise and said yes!!
So we made the reservation and we have just waited.  In the meantime some of our travel buddies decided they might like to go with us.  We are now a large group with some who have decided that they couldn’t go.  We will miss them but are excited about the trip.  Some of our crew are just going on part of the trip and will be leaving us in Rio De Jeniero .  This trip is what the call a back to back cruise.
The worst part of planning this trip has been getting our Brazilian Visa and getting shots.  It also seems like this great deal of a cruise has become quite expensive.  But Dave keeps assuring me that its okay.  So now I am doing official research on the ports that we will be visiting.  


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