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Port Arthur


Published: June 22nd 2017

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Geo: -43.1398, 147.851

30th December 2007
Port Arthur
We got up at 8.15am, cuddled mum, mum had shower dad had shower, nutrigrain breaky then left for Port Arthur. Saw Richmond bridge. Drove through to Dunalley got food and drink and toilet then went to Port Arthur. Parked car and went to line up in the long line. We waited about 30 minutes to get tickets and enter the place. We got a card and entered a bit to see what person you were. I was William and Dad was William We then walked through to Port Arthur. We first went into the old and most famous building – the old jail (penitentiary) and it was amazing. The fact that they fit 136 cells into it as well as the mess room and lots of other things. We went to the separate jail WHICH WAS QUITE SMALL and all the really really bad people went there. We went into the church and lots of cottages that higher up people lived in – like the governor general.
We a boat cruise around the Isle of the Dead where we saw a few grave stones of the people that died. Unfortunately we didn’t get to

walk on the island. We saw the Young Endeavour (a sailing ship that was given to Australia by United Kingdom to celebrate our bi-centennial year). We also saw the place where they kept boys separate from the adults and we saw a place they called the rocks and they were schooled there – but were very naughty. The youngest boy was nine years old and he was there because he stole clothes.
We drove home via The Blowhole and Tasman Arch. We stopped at Dunalley again on the way home for drinks. We got back to the unit then Mum and I went out to buy dinner. Maccas closed at 8pm so I wasn’t able to have any – it was 8.45pm when we got there. Mum got a Pizza Hut pizza and I ended up with an Aussie pizza from another pizza shop. Back home, ate dinner, typed up diary and to bed.


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