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Playing with Cubs


Published: June 17th 2017

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01 Cuddling01 Cuddling01 Cuddling

Paul cuddling a lion cub.

Geo: -27.4257, 29.1658

For the past three nights we have been staying with Francois on his family’s dairy/cattle farm. This afternoon Francois took us to Lion’s Den Pub & Grill for a drink and dinner. It was about a five minute drive from the farm, just further down the road. This was a hunting farm. Here they had many caged lions that would be sold to other hunting farms. Their future is quite sad. In the end they will be shot just for a trophy.

There was also an area near the pub where we could interact with cubs. Here there were about six lion cubs. They were quite cute, but had very sharp claws and teeth. The cubs seemed to enjoy biting and scratching us. They loved biting our jeans &– I kept trying to get them off my jeans, they are newish and I didn&’t want holes in them. We patted them and played with them. They also interacted with each other. After about fifteen minutes we said goodbye to them and went back inside for drinks and dinner.


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