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Peaceful surroundings


Published: June 16th 2017

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Geo: 46.2781, 13.8593

Mariah, Maeve, Carlos and a new solo traveller- Alex (Mexican) and I walked to the bus station to get our bus. It was a really comfy bus and I fell asleep at once. The other girls couldn’t sleep on buses- they were on bus stop lookout.
After an hour we arrived at Lake Bled. It is beautiful, a smallish lake, island in the middle with a church on it and a castle up high overlooking the lake. We were going to get the boat to the island, but it was much cheaper to row ourselves- so we did. We hired a rowboat and I said from the start that I can’t row. Mariah and Maeve started rowing. They had a bit of difficulty at the start as we were slowly heading towards the island, but the boat facing backwards. I didn’t complain- we were getting there! People in other boats were looking at us as if something was wrong with us. Oh well. The girls finally managed the turn the boat around. Then the boys took over half way. Finally arrived at the island.
Walked up the steps to the church. We rang the church bell and an ice-cream

to cool down. Then we rowed back and got the boat back just in time with about 2 minutes to spare. We hired the boat for two hours.
Then went to the ‘beach’, an area for swimming with bathing boxes. The water was really refreshing and a nice 25 degrees. The current temperature was 36 degrees! By this time we were really hungry. Found a place to eat, had a yummy seafood risotto.
We then decided to walk up to the castle for a great view of the lake. Finally made it to the top after many steep steps, to find that we had to pay &€6 to go into the castle which included a museum! We were not interested in the museum, we just wanted a great view of the lake. Disappointed we walked down and walked around the 6km lake. There are lots of people swimming and sunbaking on the lake. We had an ice-cream while we waited for the 8.30 bus back to Ljublana.


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