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PARIS France History and brilliant deserts.


Published: June 18th 2017

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Geo: 48.8566, 2.35097

Museums, tower, padlocks on the bridge.
We travelled with -easy jet-
It was cheap but we could only have one bag each so we wore most of our clothes and also wore our biggest pair of shoes.
The Louvre was the number one place to visit.
We arrived early the next morning only thing o find a very, very long line.
So we waited.
The line creatively curved around the court yard area and moved quite quickly. About 1 hour and we had arrived inside the Museum and it was reasonably priced.
On my list to see was – Monalisa, which is ever so tiny compared to some of the paintings there, Napoleon on his white horse in the battle field, by Gros, Napoleon at Eylau. Then, dumb dumb I want num num stone head from Easter Island, Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David and Winged Victory of Samothrace stone winged angel with no head.
The museum is really huge.
We walked around for hours but could have stayed all day.
There are many bridges over the river Seine that connects Paris and they all have this very strange collection of padlocks with couples

names on them.
A sign of true love.
It is said that when you place a lock on the bridge your love is &“locked forever&” and nothing can break the seal unless you retrieve the key to unlock it, which would be near impossible since it is at the bottom of the river.
Notre Dame both inside and outside is such an experience. I kept waiting for the Hunch back to pop out and race up to the tower to ring the bells.
On top of the Eiffel Tower was freezing. When the wind blew wow you could really feel the tower move.
Well I could? I’m sure I could.
Moulin Rouge is a great area and only wish we had more time to see a show.
Next time.
The Sacre Coeur de Montmartre Basilica is beautiful it sits way up high on top of the staircase.
It rained for most of our time in Paris but it still didn’t dampen our spirits.
We tasted many yummy deserts on out trip.
They looked amazing and tasted even better.


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