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Oslo to Bergen via Denmark


Published: June 20th 2017

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As Andy was staying with the cousins in Sandefjord and I was in Oslo, we decided it would be easier and more fun for me to catch the train to Porsgrunn via Sandefjord where Andy would hop on. At Porsgrunn, we then caught a bus to Langesund and boarded the Fford Line ferry to Bergen.

Once we had dropped off our bags in our cabin, Andy immediately checked out the emergency exits and safety procedures. I had a lesson on life rafts and shoots.

The ferry goes first to Hirtshals, Denmark where it stops for about an hour for trucks cars and passengers to disembark and new passengers and vehicles to get on. This takes about an hour. You are not allowed to disembark if you are not leaving the ship.

From Hirtshals, the ship continues on to Stavanger, Norway. This is overnight. More passenger disembark and embark. From there the ships travels another 5 hours to Bergen. The ferrys are very popular as many buy duty free goods. It is also a relaxing way to travel.

We arrived in Bergen and some people asked if we needed help, so we asked which way to the city

centre. They pointed off to our left and said down there a little and up. So we dragged our suitcases up the steep cobbled streets to the top and thought this doesn’t really look like it is anywhere central. I stopped at the coffee shop with our bags and free wifi while Andy went and took a photo of the ship. When he got back we establisted where our accommodation was and set off. It promptly started to pour down with rain. The people who had give us location instructions couldn’t have been further away if they tried.

One we checked in (only one flight of stairs) we went to the railway station to look at timings for the ferry from Bergen to Flam and then the train to Oslo and then onto Bodo.

We then caught the bus for the cable car which is meant to be Bergen’s highest viewing point. It had been raining when we caught the bus to cable car station and then was fine on the way up but when we got to the top down came the fog and we couldn’t see anything.

From here we went back into town and

went to the information centre and booked the ferry to Flam and got a Bergen pass to see the sights tomorrow. We had some dinner at the Fish markets. One of their delicacies was whale but neither Andy or I could come at that. It is a very dark meat.

From here we went to Mount Floyen funicular. A great view of Bergen. Then walking back we took a look at the Bergenhaus Fortress. Sting is meant to be performing there tomorrow so I doubt we would have got close then. A bus back to the hotel for the night.

It is now nearly 11:30 at night but still light.

P.S. Andy finally retired his old broken backpack.


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