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Oh there is a 1 hour time change


Published: June 21st 2017

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I only flew from one island to another (Java to Bali) yesterday, it was a 90min flight – and I crossed a time zone? Who knew, I guess that is one of the little things you miss when the announcements aren’t made in English. Well, no worries, I don’t have a meeting to get to or anything. I guess I’ll just each lunch when I’m hungry…LOL

OK, every wall of every building I’ve been in here in Ubud has a gecko on it, a real live gecko. I think of it now, because there are two scurrying about on the wall in front of me in this internet cafe / artists studio. Gotta love it, I said good night to the little one that was on my wall last night in my hotel. Good thing I think they are cute. So, speaking of hotels. In Ubud, they are called guest houses, and they are literally the guest houses of families that live here.

Each family here kind of owns a little square block surrounded by a garden wall. Each estate (? let’s call them estates) has a number of little buildings (a family temple, kitchen, eating platform (like a raised

deck with an intricate woven bamboo roof), several sleeping ‘rooms’, lounging platforms — each their own building) separated by little stone walkways, fountains, statues and gorgeous tropical landscaping. Each families home is like a little village unto itself. There’s usually an entrance in each direction and each has it’s own little statue with fresh flowers, fresh fruit and/or rice and incense burning (they tend to them several times a day, it’s fantastic to watch the ritual, I’ll tell that story later)

So last night I stayed at Purnama, a quaint little estate about 10min walk from the main road in Ubud. I didn’t care for it so much, I won’t go into details, but though the grounds were really lovely, the repair of the home/facilities just wasn’t what I was looking for. (Maybe if I was camping, but as I said to myself, I’m in vacation in Bali, I want to do it well.) Plus I got 4 bug bites while I was sleeping. (If you know me well, you know my histamine response is prone to over reactions, so though I can handle a couple bug bites, I can’t handle a couple more. No more sleeping there.) So, the super

nice son Kadek, actually drove me in the family car to a new Guest house this morning (I made up a story of meeting another American girl there and we were to share a room. White lie, but I didn’t want to insult their home.)

This new estate used to belong to a local prince, and WOW! It’s called Pradha (www.pradhaubud.com) and there are three rooms off a little pool/lagoon in the center of the estate (I’ve got the one on the left). The brother and sister in their late 20’s run the front desk. They have a nice big restaurant and are located just 5 minutes off the main road. Love it, done, I’ve booked my room for a week. I was planning to rough it here, so I could mingle with the locals and not be isolated in a resort with all the other ‘white’ people. Who knew I could get the best of both worlds!?!?! A king sized bed, A/C, private bath (less than $40US a night) AND I get to stay with a local family and get to know them. I’m in heaven, Ohh, no right, I’m in Bali. And I might need to stay forever….


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