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Morning Walk to a Tiny Little Village


Published: June 16th 2017

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This morning after breakfast dad, Michael and I went for a walk. We took a different route from yesterday morning. After about ten minutes we decided to turn back as we couldn’t tell if we were walking along a private driveway or on a public road.

Back on the main road we continued walking until we came to a fork and then choose the quieter road. This road was much quieter. About twenty minutes later we arrived in the centre of Dorzano. This is town next to Cavaglia. Along the way we saw a few people tending in their garden. Nearly every house has an amazing back and front vegetable garden including many fruit trees.

The centre of town was very uneventful. There wasn’t even a bar in this town, let alone a shop. The streets were very narrow, no footpath and only enough space for one car at a time. We walked another block, walked past the church of St Lawrence and came to a street sign labelled Via Castello. I am a big fan of castles, so we walked along this street.

The castle walls were not very high and looked very old. We walked through the archway and

not much further as it looked like we were now in private property. There didn’t seem to be much of a castle left. We turned around and walked back to Milena&’s house.

After lunch Michael and I started to repack our suitcases as tomorrow we were flying home. In between packing we enjoyed the afternoon sun on the deck, as we knew there was no sunny, warm weather back in Melbourne.


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