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Morning Game Drive


Published: June 17th 2017

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01 Sunrise01 Sunrise01 Sunrise

A beautiful African sunrise- very pinky.

Geo: -24.7435, 26.2573

This morning I went on a game drive with the guests. The drive started with a beautiful sunrise with the silhouettes of a couple of giraffes. We then stopped at a dam, unfortunately there weren’t any animals drinking.

We continued driving and over the radio heard that there was a lion sighting nearby. When we arrived the male lion was busy drinking water from a puddle. We were so close to him, my heart did skip a beat. When he got up from drinking and began to walk it was very evident that his stomach was full from eating his prey. Then out of the bush his older brother appeared. I knew it was his older brother as his mane was much full and darker. We watched them both walk down the road for a few metres and then lay down and fall asleep. It was then time to go back to the lodge and for me to start work.

This afternoon I was lucky enough to go on another game drive. The only memorable moment was the beautiful sunset on this afternoon’s drive, but it is always great to get out and go on a game drive.


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