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Published: October 11th 2010

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US Jason DunhamUS Jason DunhamUS Jason Dunham

Here is the picture that they gave us of the US Jason Dunham. It looks big in the picture but just imagine it in person. What an honor for that young man and his family. He took his helmut off and threw it on a roadside bomb to protect his squad. It cost him his life but saved many others. A true hero……

Greetings from rain soaked Maine. We have been here in Scarborough, ME since Sunday and were going to leave yesterday but then it rained so we stayed an extra day. Now, we are experiencing remnants of Hurriance Iris or whomever and so we are hunkered down for a couple more days here because of the rain and wind that is coming through. It is still in the 70’s so it isn’t cold but it is raining off and on. The wind hasn’t picked up yet but it is supposed to tonight. I am really looking forward to having an East Coast storm experience (NOT!). Once we get on the road we will be heading back into New Hampshire and then Massachusetts to the Yankee Candle Factory and the NBA Hall of Fame. After we have finished that I think we will be heading the rig West towards home folks! Yes, we have decided that we have had enough. We are not going into Boston this time. There were numerous factors that lead us to this decision so we will just put it on our list to come back to when we visit the Carolina’s and New York.

On Tuesday we

Typical Maine TownTypical Maine TownTypical Maine Town

This is a shot of what a typical coastal Maine town looks like. Very quaint, small, and congested.

went to Bath, Maine which is about 40 miles from where we are staying to tour the Maine Maritime Museum. One of the tours that you can take is through the Bath Iron Works factory where they build destroyer ships for the Navy. You go on a bus and cannot take any cameras or cell phones therefore, I have no pictures for you but let me tell you this is a fascinating tour. You can’t get off the bus but you are able to see plenty on the tour and they had a destroyer in the water that was finished and had a Navy crew on board already. It was christened 6 months ago and named the Jason Dunham after a soldier who was killed in Iraq. His whole family attended the christening as well as many of his fellow soldiers, some whom he saved when he took off his helmut and threw it over a roadside bomb which is what took his life but saved his comrades. They said that it was the best attended and most emotional ceremony that they have ever had. They still had a big picture of him hanging by the ship. It was very

Fort Knox Bridge in Bucksport MEFort Knox Bridge in Bucksport MEFort Knox Bridge in Bucksport ME

This is the Fort Know bridge on Bucksport, ME. I believe that it is the largest bridge in Maine and it has an observatory at the top of the tower on the left.

emotional to see. God Bless our troops! They had another ship that was close to being finished in the dry dock and then there was another one that was being put together inside the buildings. Now you have to remember that these ships are HUGE, over 500 ft. long, so to be beside them was overwhelming to say the least. They gave us a picture of the US Jason Dunham at the end of the tour so I have taken a picture of the picture to post on here since I couldn’t take any pictures of my own just to show you the ship. Awesome. It should leave port in about a week.

Yesterday we went to Kennebunkport which is a very quaint Maine town. I liked it very much. As many of you know the Bushes have a summer home there and so we tried to stop in to say “hey” but the danged Secret Service were everywhere and they didn’t care one iota that we drove all the way from California or that Don is a donor to the Republican party they still wouldn’t let us in. Can you believe that! I got some pictures though so

Bucksport HarborBucksport HarborBucksport Harbor

This is the inlet that comes into Bucksport. As you can see the leaves are changing.

I showed them. HA!

Well, I hope you are all having a great time doing what you are doing and we will be home by the end of the month. No, Don isn’t going to drive home in two days. I made him promise me that! Miss you all and see you soon! &#x1F60AK

P.S. Pray for good weather for us on the way home!


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