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In Search of a Bird


Published: June 17th 2017

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01 Shop01 Shop01 Shop

The little shop where we stopped for a drink and sweets.

Geo: -24.0633, 34.7303

We had a great night of sleep until the alarm went off at 4am. We all got up and left at 4:30am. Yesterday I was debating whether I was going to join the guys today or not. The plan was to drive about 3 hours in a north – west direction to a town called Panda. On the outskirts of this town in the scrub land forest was a bird that was only found in this area. It was called an Olive Headed Weaver. To drive that far for a bird was a crazy idea in my mind, but not for Paul and Brett. I decided to go along as I didn’t want to miss out on anything and wanted to see the countryside.

For most of the way I slept. We arrived in Panda just before 7am. At the intersection we turned left to go in search of the bird and the town was to the right. It was starting to warm up so we stopped at a little thatched shop and bought some cold drinks and sweets.

About half an hour later we started to frequently stop. Paul, Brett and Barney would get out and walk about

02 Scenery02 Scenery02 Scenery

The scenic view of the countryside.

looking for the bird and also identifying other birds. Half of the time I would stay in the car and get some reading done.

At the start of the day, the guys were very positive, but as the morning went on, they were losing hope in finding this bird. We were driving further away from Panda. It was time for another cold drink stop, we only had water with us and it had heated up and was now too hot to drink. It was 10:30am and we stopped at a little shack for a cold drink.

The boys decided to give up looking for this bird. We slowly drove back. In Panda we stopped to buy some bread rolls for lunch. Paul and I used sign language to buy the rolls.

We arrived back at the chalet at about 2pm. I was starving, so I had a big lunch &– salad rolls with hummus that I made yesterday. I had packed my stick blender for this trip, along with chick peas, tahini and lemon juice. Just as we got into bed for a nap, the power came back on. The fan made it so much easier to sleep.

While we

03 Ants03 Ants03 Ants

The ants have made a nest with these leaves.

were out today the male maid came again, I wonder how long he stayed for today.

At 5pm Paul and I went for a swim in the lake just outside our chalet. I was a bit unsure of swimming here, as the water wasn&’t as clear as it could have been. The water temperature was nice. Apparently hippos have been seen in this area. I paddled about in the water while Paul snorkelled – he only saw 1 fish.

Again tonight we played 30 Seconds until the lights went off.


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