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Published: June 22nd 2017

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Today was our first morning at the Prince Hotel and Residence so going down to breakfast was quite exiting. The First World’s buffet was average and so far our best breakfast was at the Methavali (Thailand) and as this is a 5-star hotel were hoping it would top it. Breaky was very good (but the Methavali is still way ahead) but the people weren’t- at all! Me, being a kid was pushed around everywhere I went, when I put toast in the toaster someone took it, when I went to fill up my orange juice someone moved right in front of the dispenser and stayed there for a while. Everyone in this hotel is a snob, or so it feels like. They all have their Gucci , Coach or Louis Vuitton bags and sunnies and they all walk round like they own the place.

After breakfast we walked straight down to the Hop On – Hop Off bus stop. It must’ve been obvious we were lost because someone asked if he could help us. The bus stop was at the entrance to a building and we got to where the drive-way met the road when the bus drove past.

Luckily it knew we were getting on and it stopped for us.

Our first stop on the bus was China Town. We got off and walked down to a busy looking lane. We walked around here for maybe an hour or so and ended up walking away with twenty or so DVD’s and a few things.

Our next stop was the Sri Mahamriamman Temple. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it but so we walked back to the stop. There was a small tour group waiting for their bus there to, and the tour leaders introduced themselves, Tan from Kuala Lumpur and someother man from Thailand. We talked until their bus arrived. They gave us some paper with their phone number written down on it.

We then went to the National Palace, as there’s nothing to do there but look the bus stops out the front of it for 15 minutes before going again. We took photos with the guard that show no emotion (even when his horse spits on some guy who goes off).

We then went to the bird park but never actually went inside it. There was a restaurant there which we had late lunch at. I was so hungry

I ate almost all of the spaghetti bolonaise, which is a lot for me I usually just manage half – mum was shocked. When we went outside again and there were monkeys on the roof of the bird aviary. They were so cute and then they all came running down and stopped maybe a meter in front of us. My two favourites out of maybe ten was an old one that had a long grey beard and one with a sore leg, I felt so sorry for it, it was hobbling along with its leg stuck up in the air.

Next stop was the National Mosque, but it was prayer time so we couldn’t go inside so back to the bus stop it was. While we were waiting a van ran over a box of water bottles, it made a massive bang and was really funny, then all the cars had to wait as the man was in the middle of the road and was really mad.

Next was the Titiwangsa Lake Garden. There was meant to be a large pond there but we couldn’t find it. So back on the bus it was. Not having much luck are we?


Postcard showing the gardens in front of towersPostcard showing the gardens in front of towersPostcard showing the gardens in front of towers

The water you can see is where Mel got into trouble

next and last stop before home was to the KL (telecommunication) Tower. We bought our tickets and took the lift up to level 001, the lookout level. The lift was shaking like crazy and instead of having what floor you’re on, the screen had how many meters up you were. At 421m it stopped. The view was amazing. We saw so many things, the Petronas towers, the entrance to Batu Caves, our hotel and almost the hotels pool but there was a tree in the way so we couldn’t see it. After we’d gone back down we went to the Cultural Village that we got free with the tickets up the tower. To get to it but, you had to cross a bridge that was really wobbly. I’m scared of bridges anyway let alone a wobbly one. The Cultural Village was alright but I wouldn’t have paid for it. It started spitting when we were in there but then on the walk back to the bus stop it started pelting down. By the time we got to the bus stop we were both absolutely saturated, then we had to wait maybe 20 minutes for the bus. I was absolutely freezing,

we had no umbrellas, jumpers or anything and my shoes were like mini swimming pools by the time we got to the bus stop. The stop we had to get off at was roughly 20 minutes away from the hotel and it was still raining, but luckily we had a nice bus driver who dropped us off outside the hotel.

We spent the rest of the night watching the lightning from the window, which was absolutely amazing. The forks lit up the whole sky and the looked like fire-works they were that big. Then we went shopping at the Pavilion and went to Maccas for desert. It as chockers in there so when I found a seat I sat down straight away and let mum order. While sitting down a man came up to me with a laminated piece of paper saying “Hello, I’m deaf please help me out by buying 1 toy for RM10.” he had metal skate-boards and things. I sent him off and about two minutes later he was escorted out by a worker – obviously he comes a lot.


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