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Homer Day 6

Homer Day 6 | Travel Blog


Published: June 21st 2017

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Got up at 4 to catch our plane to Katmai. In the air by 7 landed at Katmai by 8. Spent 4 hours walking the tidal flats and tall grass thru creeks in what Timothy Treadwell called the grizzly maze. He actually met his demise about 20 miles from where we were. Katmai did not let me down! Saw so many bears. Mating, grazing and just being bear. Incredible time. Excelent videos I’ll share when downloaded. Flew over the end of the Kenai range to where it is believed Bigfoot is. Most of the village located there left because of the amount of people killed by Bigfoot. Had delicious halibut fish and chips on the spit for supper. What an awesome day 😅😆. I’m in heaven.


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