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Gunung Batur and Pura Besakih


Published: June 21st 2017

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a - Gunung Batur cratera - Gunung Batur cratera – Gunung Batur crater

I really don’t prey, so it was really special to be here in this place where I don’t belong, and asking something from a god who doesn’t know me. But I can only imagine Siva’s smile being like all the other Balinese folks, so it wasn’t hard to feel ok about it.

Geo: -8.31653, 115.183

In the afternoon, after the morning’s cremation ceremony, Faith, Timshell, Made, Ketut and I hopped back in the jeep and headed up the Gunung Batur volcano. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Batur) It’s the largest and most sacred volcano on Bali, it’s erupted two in the last 100 years. At the top is a big crater, with two big summits inside it, and also a big fresh water lake.

We had lunch on the crater rim at a little local warung (warung = bodega, general store, restaurant place). The warung had a patio with tables overlooking the volcanoes crater, lake and middle summits (I’m sure there is a name for the large hills that sit in the middle of a volcano’s crater, I just don’t know it)

After lunch, we drove back down the volcano a little ways to Pura Besakih. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Besakih) It’s the largest and most holy temple in Bali. We got there just as the sun was setting, it supposed to be the best place on the island to see sunset. Unfortunately as our guide put it, the weather was unfriendly, and it was really foggy. We couldn’t see the big volcano backdrop to the temple, fog, and we couldn’t see the majestic beach

b - Gunung Batur Craterb - Gunung Batur Craterb – Gunung Batur Crater

Here you can see the Crater Lake on the right, part of the crater rim behind it. And the two or three mountains left over from old eruptions in the middle of the volcano’s crater. You can really see the scale of the volcano here. It’s a big one.

below (fog) and we really didn’t get a sunset (fog). Take a look at the pics anyway; the fog adds a spooky element to the visit.

I’m going to try to visit the temple again on the trip south from Lovina. There is a big, once a year, temple ceremony happening on March 19th at the temple. And seeing as I have to be in Kuta on the 20th to visit Sha, it seems fortuities that I should spend the 19th on the volcano at the temple. We’ll see what happens.


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