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Guilin to Yangshou


Published: June 22nd 2017

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Geo: 25.2806, 110.283

Kate – Nana woke up sick this morning. Pa, Val, Mel and Kate decided to climb Mt Fubo. We paid our 15 yuan and off we went. The mountain looked steep before we climbed it – it was an awful lot steeper when we were climbing it. (Mel found the climb easy). The steps went on forever. We did have respite occasionally with a few look outs on the way up and when we had to let people coming down the mountain pass by. We FINALLY made it to the top – the view of Guilin was worth the climb. We had views all the way around. Whilst we were standing looking at the view, a man cut out a silhouette of Mel. He had a 10cm long scissors and he must have cut out Mel in 3 or 4 minutes. He then showed it to us – we could buy it for 10 yuan. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy this, so I did (little did I know that these people are all over the place). Despite her protests, the man then cut out one of Val. It was very like Val, but she said no. He

gave it to her ‘for free’ and said he would cut one out of Pa for free as we nice people. He gave Pa his picture then asked for money – he had just cut two of them! We thought they were FREE. Val decided to purchase them – they make you feel so guilty if you don’t with all the effort they went to.

After we climbed back down the mountain, we then went into a cave under Mount Fubo. There were lots of statues all lit with candles. You could buy turtles there as well. The weirdest place to buy turtles but maybe they were special – found in the cave or blessed or …..

Some girls wanted to have their photo taken with Mel. Maybe because she is a pretty, white, blond girl? No idea but Mel was very embarrassed.

We caught the local bus from Guilin to Yangshou this morning. Nana was still feeling unwell so we thought it best to get straight to the next hotel. Poor Nana was sick before we left and then again about 5 minutes before the bus got to the depot. I know I have mentioned the driving before but today was even

worse since we were in a big bus. The road does have divided lines – but they mean nothing. We would cross to the other side of the road to pass a slower vehicle – just as we do in Aus – but the driver didn’t care if traffic coming the other way. At one stage, he over took a truck but before he was able to get back to our side of the road, a long line of bollards had been put up to divide the road. This meant that we had to stay on the wrong side of the road for another 100 metres. That is an awful long way when you are holding your breath, crossing your fingers and on the wrong side of the road!!!!!

We walked along the road for 15 minutes in the heat – with our backpacks and wheelie suitcases. We must have looked a sight, all hot wheeling these suitcases on really rough roads and footpaths – struggling sometimes they were so bad. We met Rainbow (our tour guide) half way to the hotel. We Got to the hotel and found our rooms – they are small and have no fridges in them.

But we do get 2 bottles of free water each day!! It is an open hotel – the reception was enclosed but the corridor to our room was open on the left side, looking out to houses and a busy road. Our room was at the end of the corridor on the first floor (with only stairs) with Nana and Pa right next door. Keith and Val were up a few rooms. They had two computers for use downstairs with internet but the keyboards were that old that over half the letters were no longer legible. We had to go on memory when using it. I was surprised at how well I did under the circumstances!!

We went to a restaurant for dessert (to full to eat a proper lunch) then went back to hotel.

We went to the same place for dinner. Most of the time we order three or four dishes of food and share then amongst all of us. Nana always says “we can order more if we’re still hungry”

When ordering food in China, you always order small amounts, then order more if required. The sizes of the dishes are often not what you would expect. Keith and Val

ordered a noodle soup to share as did Mum and I – except we ordered a chicken and corn soup. Val and Keith received a large bowl of soup that would have been a meal for two in it. Our chicken and corn soup was in a very shallow dish and neither of us liked it and wasn’t enough for an appetiser.


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