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Going home


Published: June 22nd 2017

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We’re going home today. Andy and the girls left early. I would like to say that I waved them off, but, at 5 in the morning I had better things to do – like sleep!!
Mel and I went for a last walk around Nathan Road and went and bought Andy a pair of shoes. He had ummed and ahhed yesterday and had decided not to buy them but changed his mind!

We did the last minute squeeze of the suitcases to fit everything in – we came with a very full little suitcase that was placed in an empty larger suitcase and am going home with two very full suitcases. And I didn’t think we had spent that much!!!!

We checked out then walked to the bus stop. We hopped on the bus and waved good bye to Hong Kong as it took us to the airport ready for the long trip home.

We left Hong Kong and flew back to Malaysia for a three hour stop over. Now that wasn’t easy. Here we were back in KL and not able to go outside the terminal. We both wanted to stay there for another week or so.

We had a bite to

eat then went and bought some kit kats – I have never seen so many varieties of kits kats!

Dark Kit Kats
Chunky White Kit Kats
Kit Kats Minis
Kit Kats Popchoc
Kit Kats Bites
Kit Kats Mini
Kit Kats Chunky Mini

Boxes of 12 x 4 fingers
Limited Edition Boxes
Malaysian Boxes (a great break – Malaysia)
6 x chunky in a box
48 pieces in a box – Limited Edition

as well as other varieties I didn’t get to buy!!!

We regretably got back on the plane and started the last leg of our trip home..


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