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Get Ready Get Set………


Published: June 22nd 2017

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The mapThe mapThe map

If you look carefully, you can see all the pins of our wish list destinations.

Well, we are only a few days away from embarking on our westward adventure. Our US map has been hanging for nearly a year. Without even trying our general route became very clear. We plan to head to California through the northern states – down California – over to Utah – and back Home via Rt 66. I know there are a lot more details missing from this route, but I can promise you one thing. The twenty-four days on the road will seemingly fly by as fast as I typed the above sentence.

The last few months have brought on a lot of preparation. This includes, but not limited to making reservations, ordering tickets, making repairs on the camper, adding new features to the camper, riding our bikes and walking a lot to get our bodies closer to ready. Closer being the operative word. I think the higher elevations are going to take their toll on our physical activities. Hopefully we are ready for a great trip. The Girls even went to the library today and renewed all their new books until we return. Our trip starts next Friday June 30th. Stay tuned for more exciting news and photos.

Thanks for reading. The Melson’s will soon be Making Memories.


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