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Furniture…… Very Chinese


Published: June 18th 2017

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A great table for the lounge room

Geo: 32.0404, 118.785

One of the mum’s said to me,
“I’m going to look at Chinese furniture.
Do you want to come.”

What sort of a question is that…. YER!!!!

She wanted to order a pair of cabinets.
That seems easy enough?
Nothing is easy in CHINA!

The driver drove us… so finding it wasn’t hard.
It was on the third floor.
There where escalators for the first 2 floors and then we had to walk up the stairs.

Let me explain STAIRS in China. Each step is different. It’s either wider or higher and usually covered with a slippery tile.
They look great…. but I think an Occupational Health and Safety Officer would have a field Day.

The top floor is just Chinese Furniture. It’s all new but it looks old. If the furniture is antique you can’t take it out of the country. They have very strict rules about their Antiques.

The furniture is great. So many different shapes and sizes. It is very hard to decide on what to buy.
We have three years to decide.

Back to ordering the pair of cabinets……
So how do you tell someone that you want 2 cabinets and 2 inches shorter. AAAHHHH….
In the end the sales lady picked up her

Side tablesSide tablesSide tables

These would be great as side tables. They taper down at the bottom. I like this one.

phone and called someone who spoke English.

Problem solved.

OK so when will they be ready to collect???? And how much????
After 10 minutes of trying to charade the questions the sales lady picked up the phone once again called the person who spoke English.

Problem solved.

Ok that seemed to all go well.

As we walked down the street to get back to the car there was like a wash stand on the side of the road….. Many a time I have seen washing being dried from anywhere you can hang it from… Socks, jocks, bras anything…. and most of them ain’t so new… Very holy…. if you get my drift.

This wash stand looked different….. There where sausages hung out to dry….
They looked like the Italian sausages. They looked good… only thing was that it was a very busy road. There is so much smog and heaps of cars…. so maybe it really wasn’t the most healthy place to dry out sausages….. I tryed to get the busy road in the background.

CHINA… You gotta love it.


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