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Published: June 20th 2017

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Geo: 14.02, 99.53

Today we took a trip. In the morning we went to the Erawan National
Park know for it’s 7 stage waterfall that you can climb and swim in the
pools created by those falls. We’ve made it ’till stage 6 where we sat a
bit with our feet in the water feeding the fish. Lots of small fishes
there and they eat the dead flesh from your feet and yes it tickels.
Every time Thierry took his feet out they attacked me, got tired of
counting them when I reached 10 on one foot only.

After lunch we went to the hell fire pass where you could get an idea on
how terrible and ‘spevially how hard the work was done by the prisoners
of war constructing the Dead Railway. After that we took the train
ourself for 20 minor so. Our guide told us to take the last carriage and
it was indeed empty.

Our dinner was special. We had to eat accompanied with the light of one
candle as the lightshow for the 70th birthday of the bridge started and
we could see it from our restaurant. Looked great but as our Thai is
limited to hello and thank

you, we didn’t understand much


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