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Ferry ride and Cabbages and Condoms


Published: June 23rd 2017

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Geo: 13.7308, 100.521

Got up and went straight down to breaky – no time for a shower. Had leisurely breakfast – scrambled and poached eggs, bacon, toast, french toast, pikelets and fruit with yoghurt. We met up with Tim and Helen – also on our tour group. We met them yesterday.

We (including Tim and Helen) all walked to the sky rail station and caught the train then walked from there to dock and caught a ferry for 30 or so minutes. I made Mel wear travel sick wristbands – I believe they helped. She even walked up to the back of the ferry – Tim was there and it was a better view. In the boat we had the tarpaulin pulled up to block out most of the water spray which also cut out the view – something that I guess the locals are not too concerned about but as tourists, a bit disappointing. A lady walks along the boat selling tickets which you are given with a rip in side to show it has been used (I assume then you can also buy them prior to trip??) Later the ticket gets checked – the lady put a thumb nail mark

in the ticket to show she’d checked it!!!

We all walked around the market for a short time. I bought a water and paddle pop from 7eleven then later a packet of biscuits, wafers, and a chocolate sponge roll. We had a picnic of sorts on the trip back.

The others went back to hotel to swim as it is still quite hot. Mel and I went to use internet at Robinsons – we had to wait a while as they only have two computers and both were in use by people who weren’t in a hurry to get off. Whilst I checked my emails, Mel sent emails to a friend and her class (BCC Dad). We came out of Robinsons to go to the supermarket downstairs and found it was pelting down. Everyone was just standing watching it. Mel and I went to supermarket and bought a small packet of butter (6 – like hotel ones) a French stick, another packet of biscuits and a kit kat. We walked back to hotel.

We got Nana’s vegemite and ate lunch. I’d bought myself a pizza sub – quite nice but you do wonder – all this bakery food is not refrigerated

and it had ham in it!!

We didn’t get to pool for a swim, instead went to see ‘George the Tailor’ to get shirt/blouse for Nana – she ordered two. I wanted a back pack and there are piles of them out the front of the store to choose from. I started looking at them but, no no no – they are the cheap ones and I was not allowed to look at them!! Instead Mel and I were whisked out the back and led up a very thin staircase. I was glad Mum knew where we were as it was almost scary!!! The ladder ended in a large room with hundreds of bags, suitcases etc – this is where they kept the good quality stuff ‘hidden’. They kept all the good brands or, more so, all the good rip-offs up there. Mum and I both ended up with a backpack for 500BHT each (about $18).

Back to the hotel and changed then headed out to dinner at ‘Cabbages and Condoms’.

It is named ‘Cabbages and Condoms’ because ‘for any program to be successful, birth control should be as accessible and easy to buy as vegetables in the market’. The foundation

that runs the restaurant is helping to promote family planning – to help contain Thailand’s rapid population growth. All profits from the restaurant goes towards the continuation of the program. The restaurant was ‘different’. The first thing I saw was a statue of a man wearing a nice looking body suit. On closer inspection I saw it was made from pink and white condoms. They had light shades covered in them, glass top tables with them underneath, more statues wearing hats and bikinis in condoms …… It was very interesting.

After dinner we had a casual stroll back to hotel then bed at 10.40


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