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Enjoying the Winter Sun


Published: June 17th 2017

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01 Elephant 01 Elephant 01 Elephant

The elephant is standing by the waterhole.

Geo: -24.7605, 26.3246

This afternoon I went for a drive with Paul to Abjaterskop Gate to pick up staff returning from leave. We drove a different route than normal. Along the river we saw an elephant standing in the river’s shallow edge as it drank water.

Further along the track we spotted some white rhinos. A young one was walking towards us. Its little horn seemed to be missing. Then to the left of us another white rhino appeared out of the bush. It was an adult and behind it was another young rhino. We followed the three of them as they walked to an open area. I took a few photos of the three rhinos and then we drove away and left them in peace.

Closer to the gate we had to stop as there was a herd of Blue Wildebeest walking along the road. Finally they ran off to the side and we continued on. For the next hour and a half we only saw general game, nothing very exciting.


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