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Eating seafood by the sea


Published: June 16th 2017

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Geo: 45.4953, 13.5965

Maeve and I checked out and began walking to the train station. I asked a taxi how much and he said 1200 Tollars!! That is three times as much as I paid a few days ago! I laughed and told him that and we walked away. Once again I fell asleep on the train. Two and a half hours we arrived at Koper and were bombarded with taxi drivers willing to drive us for ‘bus price’. We didn’t know if they were genuine or not, so we waited for the bus. It was a 20 minute scenic coastal drive to Piran. Piran is a cute little seaside town that has not being invaded by developers and there are no huge hotels or resorts. Walked to the town square were we were being met by someone from the hostel.
We were expecting to be picked up by car, instead a girl greeted us and we walked for a few minutes to the hostel. We had to be met because there are no street names here! We were in a four bedded dorm with en-suite and kitchen- although the fridge didn’t work. We were only 50 metres to the beach from

a few directions. We went for a walk and bought some fruit form the market and a spinach ‘burek’- traditional food, layers of pastry with various fillings. Also got a piece of cake (because it was traditional food, a local specialty), it was made of poppy seeds, apple, cream cheese and layered with pastry. All great!
We went for a walk and explored this new town. All we could smell was fish cooking. The ‘beach’ was concrete and a few ladders to get in and out of the water with. The locals love this beach and were laying about on their towels on the concrete and frying themselves. Men of all ages wear speedos at the beach and while walking through town. Women are generally topless- no one likes tan lines. There are only a few cars in the town, many pedestrian streets, narrow lane ways, washing hanging from most windows, scooters and lots of locals. I had an arvo nap. This room was great, it was nice and cool, a real change from the last hostel. At about 6 Maeve and I went for dip in the sea. It was great and refreshing. For dinner we had to eat seafood

at a seafront restaurant. I had a bowl of mussels cooked with lemon and spices- delicious food and location!


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