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Da Vinci and the Capital of Desires


Published: June 22nd 2017

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scenes around Venicescenes around Venicescenes around Venice

Leonardo da Vinci exhibit

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Rather slow moving day and finally we were ready to venture out for some more adventure. We decided to go to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Scuola Grande di San Rocce. There was another exhibit of the same “Machines of Leonardo da Vinci at the San Barnabas church but we went to the one of the Scuola Grande. They had much of the same material except at the San Barnabas church there was a film dealing with part of the exhibit. Oh well.

The exhibit was very interesting. It was divided into flying, war, civil engineering and hydraulics parts of the exhibit. There were replicas of some of his drawings of what we were seeing put together as part of the exhibit. Such an amazing person, that da Vinci was. Liked his moving vehicles that closely resembled the helicopter, automobile and bicycle. Some of the items were interactive and it was fun to try them out. There was even an early diving suit he had created!
All of this is pretty amazing for someone born in the 1400’s!

After going through his inventions and looking at his drawings, we perused some

scenes around Venicescenes around Venicescenes around Venice

Leonardo da Vinci exhibit

of the paintings that were also on exhibit in the Scuola. As we left, there was a man outside playing music. It was a beautiful day and we sat and listened to him for awhile. He had a marimba attached to one leg and a tambourine to the other. He was playing the guitar and harmonica as well as singing. It was all very entertaining as well as easy listening. It was fun to watch the young children come up to watch him play all the various instruments!

From there we walked around a bit and came upon an open door that had a sign just as you walked in the door. I walked in there was an empty room with nice tiled floor and columns. Kept on walking and it opened into a courtyard that was still beautifully landscaped. We had wandered into the Capital of Desires. This was the Armenian exhibit that had been presented at the Biennelle and was now evidently a permanent exhibit. The formal title was Capital of Desires from the Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael. It was interesting to say the least. There were projectors going with slides from different periods in Armenia history.

After going through

scenes around Venicescenes around Venicescenes around Venice

Leonardo da Vinci exhibit

the exhibit we headed back toward our place. We stopped to have a gelato that according to my guidebook was the best in Venice. Not sure that I agree. This was one thing we saw a lot of was gelato stands all over Venice. Had some pretty incredible colors of gelato to chose from.


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