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Conrad’s Lions


Published: June 21st 2017

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What a day!

Got up and were having our coffee and at 6:15 a.m., the leopard comes out across the way and goes down to drink some water. Our neighbors had seen the leopard in the evening just before sunset one evening but we were too late to see it. We were able to see it clearly and it did seem to be on edge and nervous looking around. Of course the guinea fowl were screaming to beat the band so can’t blame it! Drank water and then walks the bluff for quite a ways before disappearing into the bush.

We decided to do our walk. Before we went on our walk, we could see Barry and his son heading off on their walk on the GMA(Game Management Area). We headed over to the chalets and visited with Magoo. We could see buffalo moving through the lagoon area and wondered if the lions might come and follow them.

When we walked back through the restaurant area, the staff wondered where we had been because said Conrad had come looking for us. The lions were indeed on the GMA and had a kill and he was taking people out to see it. This

part of the GMA is controlled by Wildlife Camp and other vehicles are not allowed to drive onto the property without their permission so for a day or two they had their own private lion viewing!

Bit of the backstory to this. When Barry and his son were on their walk with Moses, they were heading down to the water to look at what they could see down there and Moses could hear sounds and they found the lions on the bank with a dead hippo. Not certain if they had killed the hippo or if it was dead when the lions found it. Nevertheless, Moses called Conrad to let him know and this was when he started taking people out to see the lions.

We had gone back to our campsite and our neighbors came back and told us about seeing the lions and that Conrad was going back at sunset for a sundowner. We were trying to decide what to do when Salim drove up and told us he was coming to take us to see something interesting. We jumped in and he took us over to the reception where we were joined by some girls who had just arrived

at the camp and off we went.

As we were heading out to where the lions were on the hippo, we saw three lions sitting up in the shade. If Conrad had not pointed them out, we would have missed them. We sat and watched the lions eating on the hippo, drinking down at the water’s edge and crossing at a shallow point.

While we were enjoying the sights, up comes another vehicle. It is Herman and his son. They are kind of hidden by a screen of bush but we can hear him telling Conrad to take a picture of this lion or that lion but not the lion that was walking along with a piece of trash in its mouth. We had a good laugh about that. Then Herman starts to leave but his vehicle would not start right away. He hollars, “Robert come push!”. He did finally get the vehicle started and moved on out. We got to spend about 45 minutes watching them before we headed back.

Ate lunch at the restaurant and visited with Barry and his son. They were understandably very jazzed about their morning experiences. They had seen the leopard as it walked along the

bank across the way and the lion experience was the icing on the cake.


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