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Checking out the town from above


Published: June 16th 2017

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Geo: 43.6577, 11.4546

Left Rimini this morning and caught the train to Florence. Once I arrived, I walked to the nearby hostel and checked in. My room has three beds, a huge ceiling fan and a small TV. Very spacious, clean and quiet. I was hungry, so I went to find food and discover the city. A few minuets later I came across the Duomo (cathedral) and ate a pizza behind it. Then walked around the Duomo and saw the huge dome, bell tower and bapistry. The outside of the Duomo is made of pink, white, and green marble. Really different to all the other churches I’ve seen. Building started in 1296 and took 150 years. The dome was mostly covered in scaffolding. I covered up and went for a walk through the cathedral. I found it to be quite plain inside, many blank walls. The dome was beautifully painted. Also went down into the crypt and saw the excavations of a 5th century church that was on this site. Very interesting. Decided to climb the 414 steps of the bell tower. From the top the view was amazing. I could see many churches, domes, towers, and surrounding hills. Following my map

I walked towards the Arno river. I came across Palzzo Vecchio and saw a copy of Michaelangelo’s David out the front. Beside the palace was the Uffizi Gallery with a long line of people waiting! Came to the river and to the right was Ponte Vecchio. The bridge is full of jewellery shops. Walking further I came across one of the Medici’s palaces. I walked back to the hostel and met my roomies. I was very excited about being in Florence and knew that this city was going to keep me busy for the next few days!


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