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Central London all covered in snow


Published: June 17th 2017

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Geo: 51.5002, -0.126236

Had a bit of a sleep-in this morning and then headed into central London. The transport was back on track today. I was on a mission today- to photograph London covered in snow! I started in Piccadilly Circus. This was a bit disappointing, the snow had all turned to slush. So I moved onto Leicester Square. Took a few photos and then went to Trafalgar Square. The fountains here had turned to ice and the statues had a few chunks of snow on them.

I then walked through Admiralty Arch that leads to Buckingham Palace and walked through St James’s Park. I walked around the lake and from here saw a few squirrels bounding about. Walked over to watch them and to take some close up photos. Continued walking to Buckingham Palace and through Green Park to the war memorial and then through Hyde Park. By the end of my trek through the snow, my shoes were saturated! My feet were cold. It was time to go home and put on some warm and dry socks.


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