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Breakfast In Paradise


Published: June 22nd 2017

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Geo: 9.66303, -85.0671

Back To Paradise In Montezuma

After a rough start we were ready to do a little exploring and get some supplies for our days at Luna Llena. We decided to have breakfast at El Sano Banano. We had eaten in their garden there last time we were in Montezuma and it was quite delicious, though pricey.

Both ordered the Costa Rica breakfast which comes with beans and rice, two eggs, tortillas and a few plantains. We also ordered a fruit plate since we had very little the night before. It was all very good and the setting is quite nice. We like to sit outside in the garden so we can see any of the “creatures” that decide to pass through. It was fairly calm with just a few magpie jays and one iguana to entertain us.

After breakfast we walked to the store to get some supplies and headed back up to Luna Llena. The first time up the hill is bound to be the hardest and it will get easier I am sure.

Both of us were still a bit under the weather so we pretty much took it easy those first days back in Montezuma. And a word to the

wise, or when will we ever learn. Do no take it for granted that the water is safe to drink. In fact, it is safer to make the assumption the other way. In times past we have drank the water here but were told when we asked that it is safer to boil the water because at the moment the water well is low and there is sediment, etc. Fortunately we brought both our steri pen and the katydyn system. Have ourselves set up now and glad we had them.

Any excuse will do and we decided to go to our favorite place for dinner that first full day we were there. We had bought veggies to grill but they have changed this and now they have a menu with a set price instead of just everyone throwing things on the grill.

Always love sitting out at the edge of the restaurant and watching the waves and watching the scene as we eat. The food was good as usual and the nice thing is it is getting closer and closer to the full moon.


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