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Big Day for Cats


Published: June 21st 2017

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Geo: -23.9561, 31.4416

Got up and once again saw a lot of hyenas including lots of babies and even another pregnant one.

Went a little further and a real treat –a honey badger crossed the road in front of us at a trot!

Decided to check out Lake Panic Hide. This is always one of our favorite hides to visit. Last year we were here in October and there were a lot of young birds just testing their wings, and moving about. It was very noisy and very active. This year it was not as busy and of course there were no young birds around. It was still a very pleasant visit with a lovely goliath heron.

Headed on down Paul Kruger gate road and decided to take the dirt road to the left right before the gate. We had not gone very far when we saw a safari van pulled over to the side of the road. There was a group of impala to their left and we figured they were giving the beginning lecture on impala…Were we every wrong! The driver put out his hand signalling us to slow down and pointed to the right. There were two leopards down beneath trees

in thick bush right by the side of the road! They did not stick around too long and were off and out of sight. Continued on the dirt road and saw some mongoose and maybe even got a good picture or two.

Got back to camp and did our usual before we went out on our evening drive. Decided to go down Paul Kruger gate again and we were not to be disappointed. First we saw two nice rhino very near the road and then continue on and see lots of vehicles stopped including some safari vehicles. Here come two cheetah walking toward our car on our side of the road. They pass right in front of our vehicle and cross the road.

Right after they crossed the road, one of the vehicles on the other side of the road moved on and left a gap in the line of cars watching. Jakkalbessie quickly wheeled the vehicle around and got in the line where we could see the cheetah on the other side of the road where they had gone. We continued to watch them until they went out of sight.

We drove to right before the gate and turned around. There were

still people trying to catch sight of the cheetah when we passed the area where we had seen them. We were very close to the entrance to the employee housing when we see a leopard coming walking down the road toward us. There was one car in front of us but we pulled to the side and could see this very large leopard who then jumped up at a tree and then sprayed the tree before disappearing into the bush. What a great sighting and a great day for watching the “things with teeth”.


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