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Back to Darwin


Published: October 21st 2010

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Monday 4th October

Well, after the last blog entry, I wanted to be a bit more upbeat, but we’ve not had the best of starts today. First port of call was the Darwin Dam (Darwin Damn, more like, as there were barricades preventing any viewings). Never mind, we thought, we’ll head to Berry Springs for a swim. It looked absolutely stunning, but was closed for the day (we think they may have found a big croc in the water). Life in the outback seems to be trying to tell us something, so we decided to head back into Darwin itself a day early. En-route we saw quite a major bush fire (luckily it didn’t originate from 2 English tourists cooking pot noodles).

It feels really good to be back in a city and we went to Darwin Waterfront for the afternoon to body board in the wave pool (well, Dave looked the part diving and surfing through the waves, but I just bobbed in a rubber ring-it was really relaxing). Got chatting to Felicity from Sydney and Neil from Liverpool (flamin scousers get everywhere).

We struggled to find anywhere in the city to camp in Junior, so we

decided to book into our first Backpackers Hostel. We cheated a bit by having a double room rather than a 28-person dorm. Very funny – looked like a cell from prisoner cell Block H and Dave had overwhelming urges to serenade me with the theme tune “You used to bring me roses”.

We also thought we’d treat ourselves to a meal out at Hell’s Kitchen where they do Backpacker meals for bargain basement prices. Lo and behold, it was also quiz night, so we thought we’d try and redeem ourselves after the last poor show. We actually did very well, but this quiz also had interludes of physical challenges to earn bonus points. Round 1 and Dave just had to put his hands on his head or tail to try and match the flip of a coin. Ergo, round 2 is Hannah’s turn. Unfortunately, round 2 demanded rather more gymnastic qualities. You had to pick up a cardboard box using only your teeth without any other part of your body touching the floor. Each round, the box was made smaller and lower. I had to follow a 3ft Olga Corbett, but what I lacked in flexibility and a low

centre of gravity, I make up for with really big teeth, so I actually did quite well and made it to the end (this involved picking up a single piece of paper from the floor. No mean feat, I can tell you).

After a few more beers, it’s back to the cell for a decent night’s kip.

We’ve got one more night in darwin and we’re going to meet back up with our friend Tina for a bite to eat. Then, we’re picking up the mighty 6-berth camper for our road trip to Cairns. Will touch base again soon – when hopefully we will be slightly less sweaty and offer some better pictures!!

Laters Blighty xxx


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