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At sea in the Caribbean Sea


Published: June 20th 2017

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Our cabinOur cabinOur cabin

Our cabin

Geo: 17.4995, -88.1976

Today is our next to the last day on the Emerald Princess and one of our very favorite kind of days – a sea day. We love being on the boat and relaxing. On a cruise ship they serve breakfast until 11am – we missed breakfast because we didn’t wake up until about 10:30; see what I mean about relaxing?

The day after we got on board for our cruise, the disembarkation paperwork was in our cabin. That is so depressing! We put it aside and forgot to turn it in. This morning we received our disembarkation time and it was for something like 7:30am on Sunday. Our first stop this morning was the front desk to get a later time. I told the clerk we were in denial about getting off. Haha. Our new time is much better – around 10:30, I think.

We had an early lunch in place of a real breakfast. I don’t know but having rice noodles with shrimp and veggies and a cup of coffee for brunch was a bit weird. But tasty nonetheless.

While I am writing Jeff has gone to an art auction just to see how they are run. They

Our double balconyOur double balconyOur double balcony

Our double balcony

do a lot of art selling on the ship.

Once Jeff came back, we decided to take our daily constitutional – that is, walk around and around the ship on the Promenade deck for 90 minutes. Our circular route was livened up when we saw a couple of dolphins. It was VERY windy in the front of the boat and I think we got more of a workout than normal fighting the wind as we walked. It was tough!

Tonight is the “Captain’s Circle” party for Platinum and Elite members. It is always fun and we’ve met some interesting folks during this event; plus there is free booze. They also raffle off, using our invitations, three bottles of Champagne. We got excited when the Captain announced the winner of the third bottle was ‘Emerald’ (that’s our deck!), 7 (good!!) 3 (very excited now!) 2. Bummer! We are Emerald 730. So close….

Taking one of our free drinks (mine was champagne punch) we hurried from there to the opposite end of the boat to the Princess Theater to see Dan Horn, a ventriloquist. He was HYSTERICAL!! We laughed so hard that I was tempted to sit through the second show, too,

To brighten up our cabinTo brighten up our cabinTo brighten up our cabin

To brighten up our cabin

but we hadn’t eaten yet. So around 9:30 we grab a bite. Actually I had food and then shared a plate of French fries and onion rings with Jeff…not at all healthy but very yummy.

Today went by too fast and we have decided to set an alarm for 8:30 tomorrow morning so we can enjoy the whole day on the ship.

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