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Antwerp to Gent 79 kms


Published: June 15th 2017

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Up early as usual and breakfast at the hotel. Bob and Fran joined us. With panniers packed Gus and I attempted to program the GPS devices much to the amusement of Bob. We eventually got it sorted and after bidding farewell to Bob, Fran, Bec and John we set off. Always sad to say goodbye to my brother but not as bad as usual this time. He’s a legend in my eyes.

The track went under the river through a tunnel but the majority of the ride was on dedicated cycle tracks which were a mixture of beautiful tracks, dirt tracks and teeth rattling cobble stone roads which not only rattled your fillings but also the Crown Jewels. Ah well! Not much call for those anyway whilst I’m overseas.

Had a few operator errors with the Garmin which resulted in an 80 km ride getting registered as a 42 km ride. Bugger! Well my legs and bum are definitely saying 80!!!

Some stunning scenery on route as the track followed either rivers or canals.

We arrived at the campground about mid afternoon. This place has everything. I found some Kreik beer in the supermarket which disappeared quickly.

After the shower and laundry duties we headed to the restaurant for dinner and a well earned drink….. Tongerlo was the local brew. We went for the light version at 6%.


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