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Amazing View From Roof of Printemps


Published: June 22nd 2017

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Stefan and Marianne are going to meet us at our place around 10 a.m. We were awake early and decided to go have a coffee and then get some supplies for a picnic lunch. We had the coffee at Starbucks and got some to help us finish out our trip.

Stopped at the store on the way back to our room and Stefan and Marianne arrive and we are ready for what the adventure will be today. Start walking down the stree and see there are people on top of the fine department store, Printemps.

Go into the store and figure out how to get up to the rooftop where we are rewarded with a fine view across Paris. Had another cup of coffee and a pastry as we walked around the roof checking out the view from the different angles. All very nice.

Took the metro to the Jardins de Luxembourg where we were going to find the grotto and have our picnic lunch. It did take some discussion on the part of the group which way we needed to go to get to our destination but we did make it.

It was a beautiful day and there were a

lot of people out enjoying the day. We watched the young children pushing their sailboats across the pond and at least trying to. We finally found the grotto but all the chairs right next to it were taken and so we walked up a level and found ourselves a bench and spread out our picnic of smoked fish, avocado, cheese, bread and a mustard/mayonaise in a tube(very European). It was quite delicious and we relaxed for awhile and just enjoyed the scene and shade.

Walked around the St. Michel area where Robert and I had stayed on our first trip. Did not go and see if the Hotel de Faculte was still there. From there we walked over to Ille. St. Louis and rested for a bit and watched people and then decided to go have a drink at the Cafe St. Regis where Hemingway was evidently a regular when he was in Paris. It was a warm day and we were amused at the long lines of people waiting to have a gelato. There was one place that must have been the “best” because the line was very long.

From there we took the metro to Stalingrad stop and wandered around

the Quai de la Seine.
Both Robert and Marianne had decided it would be nice to eat near the Seine and both had thought about the same area. There were tons of people out in boats and having picnics all along the shore. We had dinner at Antipode which is a houseboat. All had series of appetizers and it was very nice.

After diner we walked around a bit more and saw musicians performing, one who was bothering the management at one of the hotels. There were lots of evening picnics going on and even though there was a sign stating no alcohol, alcohol was a main ingredient of most of the picnics! Don’t know where all the trash was going as well. There were people also playing bocche ball and another similar game. It looked like the action place for that neighborhood. As we were walking along we also saw something we had never seen before….a concrete structure with four to five slots and it was an outdoor toilet for men! Guess better than killing all the bushes in the area. Evidently this area is a venue for a beach party where they bring in sand, lots of bands etc.

We found

a place to have one final drink with Stefan and Marianne before they went back to their place and left early the next morning. We had looked at one place but the music was too loud for some of the group. We had also seen quite a few rats running through the area!

We managed to make our way back to our place without much of a problem.


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