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Adventures on Mama Afrika


Published: June 21st 2017

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Geo: -14.0174, 34.851

Walked back to camp and set ourselves up two perimeter closelines complete with clothes to mark our area. Decided to do the sunset cruise around Thumbi island. The family from Blantyre was along as well. First we went to a very nice cove and the children fed the fish bread. The fish are all these brilliantly colored tropical fish like you would find in an aquarium.

From there we sailed around the island and Jeff, the boatman would whistle and then throw a fish to the African fish eagle. They would swoop down and grab it in their talons and fly back and perch in the trees. It was a challenge to try and capture it with the camera. It was a lovely evening and we did sail part of the time and had a stunning sunset as well.


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