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Aardvark Surpise On Safari with Conrad


Published: June 21st 2017

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Geo: -12.895, 31.9228

AM drive
We were in with part of the overland truck group. They were the ones that had not gone the night before and we were with Conrad. He had us write our names down so it was a much smoother and quicker check-in. First thing we saw was the old buffalo, “kukuli” or old strong man. Name that was given to Norman Carr by the locals. Stopped at the Mfuwe Lodge lagoon and saw the white crowned coucal, cardinal woodpecker and a few other birds.

From there we moved on down the road and heard the guineas alerting. Could not see anything and drove on. But, there was something there…..a leopard. Found this out later. Something to pay attention to. If you hear the guineas alerting, don’t brush them off because there were two different times on this drive that they alerted and we could not find anything and they were alerting about a leopard.

Continued on our drive and found six lions resting in the sand near the road. Saw something in the road, “what in the world” and drove over to it and it was an aardvark head and part of the spinal cord. Evidently this is what

the lions had killed. The vultures were in the road trying to take off with the head but we foiled them. Conrad picked the head up to examine it and said he was so angry at the lions for killing the aardvark, but of course we know the lions are hungry! The funny thing was, at the beginning of the drive, Conrad had asked what anyone wanted to see and no one said anything and Robert, said, “Laura wants to see an aardvark.” We just hadn’t planned on it being dead.

Stopped and had our tea break down in the wafwu(I believe) and there was a herd of buffalo nearby watching us. They started moving off and we were going to look for leopard and then Conrad decided to go see what the lions were doing and they were up and on the move. There were ten of them moving along from where we had seen them heading over to where the buffalo had started moving. There was one very old one with part of her tail missing, a collared female and some young males in the group. They came quite close to our vehicle but it was a very nice


On the way out of the park, we saw a giant eagle owl and more hippos at the Mfuwe Lagoon. Another new fact we learned. The hooded vultures follow the lions and actually eat their poop. They do this probably to find the pieces of undigested meat in the droppings! More on this later.

When we returned from the drive, one of the vegetable salesmen was waiting for us with spinach, lettuce, rockets, basil, cilantro, and tomatoes. Had to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator because some of the veggies were freezing. Also do not block the air vents with plastic bags!
We also had some help getting our cord for electricity hooked up. Levi, one of the handymen around the camp got us a plug we needed while he was in town and then put it all together for us so now we can plug in at our tent, or picnic table.


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