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A Small Breeding Herd


Published: June 17th 2017

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The elephants kicking up a bit of dust.

Geo: -24.7435, 26.2573

This afternoon I went for a small drive with Roel and Paul. We wanted to have a look at how much damaged the fire had done to the bush. Although it was hard to tell how much damage had been done by only driving on the few roads. There were some trees still burning, their trunks alight with embers. I hope there were not many animals injured.

We drove over a little hill and saw a small herd of breeding elephants. They were a bit cautious of us. We watched the elephants, which ranged in age and therefore size as well. The littlest one was staying right by its mother’s side. I really feel for elephants at this time of the year, as there does not seem to be much food for them. It would also be at least a few months before any decent rains. We spent about half an hour watching them. They did not move far at all.
We then drove back to our wetlands and identified a few birds, then called it a day.


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