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A night in a room at Olifants


Published: June 21st 2017

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When we were planning this trip, we were going to splurge and spend two nights at Olifants for Robert’s birthday. Robert was doing research and found that the restaurant at Olifants was going to be closed for renovations and so we changed it to one night at Olifants and then to Lower Sabie to have the real celebration out on the deck and have some more Mugg and Bean dinner!

Got packed up from Letaba and headed to Olifants. Stopped on the bridge and had some wonderful bird sightings. We also enjoyed the antics of the baboons on the bridge as they raced past us or some would be brave and stop and take a look at us. We saw some great saddlebill storks and african spoonbill. Somewhere along the drive we also saw the cardinal woodpecker and a golden bunting.

Got to Olifants and we could not check in until around 1:00 so we went and had brunch on the deck overlooking the Olifants river. The breakfast food is OK but not the best but the view is still quite awesome. We saw some great groups of elephants moving down to the river and some of them crossing the river.

Nice time.

Did a walk around the huts and then went back and checked into our room It was nice enough, had our own shower and toilet which was a luxury after a month of camping! Got ourselves settled in and then went for our evening drive. We decided to check out the Olifants lookout. It was very nice but the road was quite rough but we did have some nice views and saw several very nice and large male Kudu along the way.

Got back and decided to fix our own dinner so had nasi goreng and a very nice salad along with the fine bottle of wine we had bought for the dinner. It was warm outside so we moved inside and had a fine evening blogging and sipping wine!


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